Seriously Considering getting a Black Mamba as a Pet… Not!

African Black MambaAs beautiful and regal as these creature look the idea of me getting a snake is totally insane, especially considering I am petrified of the sleek and slithery creatures… Ok, now that that’s said, if I wasn’t absolutely shock-scared of them, I may just consider getting a Black Mamba as a pet; but not for its shear grace and sleekness, rather for its medicinal benefits.

The Black Mamba is in fact considered to be one of the most deadliest snakes living mostly in Africa and are among the fastest snakes around… better get on that treadmill before I plan a trip to Africa… and have a famously black tongue, hence their name. Their venom is both cardio-toxic and neurotoxic so quite a deadly combination.

So now for the good points…

Black Mamba venom has been found to be an ideal painkiller without any side effects that one mostly experiences with other opiates (pain killers). Conventional painkillers can usually result in muscle twitching, a foggy mind, shallow and slow breathing and increased tolerance however Black Mamba venom, when used as a pain killer doesn’t cause any of these side effects. Researches call the protein found in the venom which helps with pain, “mambalgins”.

The sleek Mamba is however not the first snake to show the benefits animal venom has on pain with the venom of the cone snail being used in ziconotide, a product currently on the market. Venom from other animals such as scorpions, spiders and sea anemones have also been found to assist in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular illnesses and even diabetes.

All this said, if you’re like me and want to try a non-toxically derived natural pain-reliever that won’t leave you with unwanted side effects, you can try Sinus-Pro’s  Sinus Headache Remedy. This Remedy contains an array of Homeopathic and Natural ingredients targeting headaches that increase in intensity, cause overall facial pains and even facial swelling; and means I don’t need to resort to snake-keeping-ways to avoid side-effects.

Sorry Black Mamba, as beneficial as you are I can’t see us having a love relationship.

This remedy can be found online at

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