Bang a Banana Today!

Hehe…. That does sound naughty…

Has this ever happened to you? You reach for a banana your bought a couple of days ago only to find it all brown and blotchy, kind of like it was in a fight with the oranges or plums that were placed around it in the fruit bowl and ended up coming out worse for wear! Before throwing it in the bin, think twice, are brown sports and mottled patches on your banana an indication that it has gone bad? Certainly Not….


Any brown patches or browning of a banana is in fact the ripening process which helps sweeten the fruit, apparently the browner or patchier the banana, the more sweet it is with a completely unripe banana progressing from zero sweetness to around 80% sweet as it undergoes the ripening process (do take note of this factor if you are diabetic).

What’s more is that bananas are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, Potassium, dietary fiber (helping keep you regular) and manganese.

They have also been found to help regulate blood pressure levels due to their high content of potassium thereby also helping reduce the risk of a stroke.

And for those “bad mood” days where you feel like you’re about to explode (an depressive tendencies), try eating a banana as vitamin B6 together with the amino acid tryptophan found in bananas helps change body chemicals such as serotonin and norepinephrine.  For stomach ulcers, again, eat a banana as they help the stomach to produce protective mucus and protease inhibitors thereby helping keep the stomach safe from strong stomach acids.

For an upset tummy with diarrhea and a large loss of essential electrolytes, chomp a banana as they are high in electrolytes and also contain essential probiotics thereby helping ensure good bacteria remains in the body whilst the growth of bad bacteria is kept under control.

Two of the most important features of what appears to be a severely battered banana are its antioxidant level and TNF… when fully ripened, bananas have huge antioxidant levels and contains TNF. TNF  was found by Japanese Scientific Research.

Bananas with dark spots or patches produce Tumor Necrosis Factor or TNF which according to studies has the ability to fight abnormal cells thereby improving immunity and white blood cell capability. As a result, it has been said by this research that ripe bananas are ideal in the fight against cancer.

Well that’s me for bananas… I’m off to go buy some “battered bananas” to have for lunch… and if I can’t find any, I may just be tempted to batter a few myself.


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