Obesity Increases the Risk of Infertility


Infertility is becoming an increasing factor affecting women world-wide.

Studies have found a direct link behind obesity and infertility due to the high occurrence of insulin-sensitive pituitary receptors/cells becoming engulfed with high insulin levels during obesity. The pituitary glands in females are responsible for releasing luteinizing hormone and gonadotropin-releasing hormones. These two hormones are essential for normal fertilization and ovulation. When the pituitary gland is however overstimulated due to high insulin levels, infertility occurs due to an irregularity in luteinizing and gonadotropin-releasing hormone levels.

It has also been found that that not only the pituitary gland but also gonadotrophs contain insulin receptors/cells which if engulfed with high insulin levels such as during obese states can affect normal fertility levels. This then puts obese individuals at an even more disadvantaged position as both the pituitary and gonadrophins contain insulin receptors or cells which if engulfed in high levels of insulin double the chance of in infertility.


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