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Pro-ponents of Successful Nasal Polyps Treatment

The Thuja Tree or tree of life is best found in dwarf form however the more viable Thuja Occidentalis is derived from a tree that can grow over 200 feet tall… a giant of a tree, capable of leaving a profound effect on the not-so-mighty Nasal Polyp? One of its profound effects can be linked to American Indians who used the trees foliage which is rich in vitamin C to treat scurvy. Who would have thought, the tree of life is a humble conifer…

In treating Nasal Polyps, Thuja has been found to be characterized with treating anything produced in excess or overproduced such as excessive and unnecessary fluid building up in the nasal polyps.

It has also been found to assist in treating thick, green and offensive discharge together with nasal bleeding, a loss of smell, ulceration and pain/pressure in the nose.

Thuja is also ideal in treating excessive overgrowth of tissue.

Thuja Occidentalis can be found in Homeopathic Remedies. One such Remedy is available online from Sinus-Pro.com and contains this indispensable nasal polyps fighter Thuja Occidentalis in both 7X and 30C potencies; a double action effect for a complex condition. http://www.sinus-pro.com/remedies/nasal_polyps.asp

I have also heard the Thuja tree being referred to as the tree of death, so it is both the tree of life and death (a full-circle tree) and is often planted in graveyards  as it is associated with immortality. I personal like to call this tree the tree of life and when referring to its effect on Nasal Polyps, the tree that brings death to these persistent growths.

Sinus-Pro has been investigating nasal polyps extensively. The Sinus-Pro team is determined to prove that homeopathy can affect the expression of the Fas-L protein.

Research has been done to illustrate the role of a specific protein in the development of nasal polyps. This research was done by the Department of Otolarnygology, Faculty of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. The protein investigated is known as Fas-L gene protein. The study investigated the transcripts and protein level of the Fas-L gene in human nasal polyp tissue as well as nasal turbinate mucosa. The investigation used methods such as reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction and Western blotting. The localization of Fas-L was performed with immunohistochemistry. The result of this research showed that the transcripts of Fas-L gene were detected at similar levels in both polyps and nasal mucosa. However, there was a recorded over expression of the Fas-L protein on nasal polyps as compared to nasal mucosa. There existed localization of Fas-L positive cells on the epithelial layers of cystically dilated glands and the down-growing epithelium of nasal polyps. As a result it was concluded that Fas-L may play a vital role in the pathogenesis of human nasal polyps. This role includes cystic degeneration of submucosal glands.

It has been disputed that natural or homeopathic products can have any effect on the expression of Fas-L protein. However, there has been research done to prove that natural products work to alter the expression of the Fas-L protein. One such study uses Solanum lyratum extract and the effect it has on apoptosis (a form of cell death) and the expression of Fas/Fas-L genes. This study comes from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Youjiang Medical College for Nationalities, China.

The research showed that this natural substance decreases the expression of the Fas-L protein markedly.

It is therefore the Sinus-Pro’s team belief that we have just touched the surface of what complementary medicine can do. It is their mission to continue researching and prove that the homeopathic ingredients that make up Sinus-Pro Nasal Polyps Remedy work at targeting and reducing the expression of the Fas-L protein in the nasal mucosa.

The CEO of Sinus-Pro is confident that their research will revolutionize the way the world looks upon homeopathic medicine. To order this superb remedy today, go to http://www.sinus-pro.com/remedies/nasal_polyps.asp

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